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We all deal with it sometimes.
Boredom comes in many forms. From not knowing what to do. To having nothing to do. Boredom is a dangerous thing. It can take hold. It is one of the many seeds of depression. Many things can lead to to boredom. And boredom can lead to many things. So of you ever find yourself bored. Do something you normally wouldn't. Surprise yourself. Instead of drawing another pic, trying writing out a story. Or visa versa. Instead of sitting on the couch or behind your pc. Put on your winter coat and go for a walk.
Boredom can lead to msny things. One of them... Is discovery
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Random sketch that ended up... different. :iconluizjrs01:luizjrs01 10 16
Mature content
TGGG: Megan - The Start :icondetective-barricade:Detective-Barricade 35 20
[Comm] Megan :iconangelgts:angelgts 306 32
Video Game Researcher GTS RP
You are a researcher working on developing a new way to play games. Your assistant crosses the wrong wires and you get shocked.When you awake, you find your self in/on...
- The Mushroom Kingdom
- Hyrule
- Lorule
- Outset Isle
- Dream Land
- One of the Pokemon Regions, (Kanto; Hoenn; Etc.)
- Skyworld
- Fourside
- Bionis
- Mechonis
- some other land I didn't name
You are surprised to see that you are also a...
- Giant (Female ONLY)
- Tiny (Male or Female.)
- Switch! (I get to be the Tiny, while your normal, or I get to be a giantess, while your normal)
- +18 is ok, but it doesn't have to be... you just tell me when we start
- Giantess must always be wearing something to cover their nether regions... ALWAYS!
- No giants, only giantess!
- Use () to outline things you need to say to me...
- No shoving tiny people in the giantess nether regions or her butt
I prefer talking via comments, but if you want to use note, you can... but ask me to RP in the comments first, please.
:icongrowfo:GrowFo 4 1,193
Many eons
ago, after a fierce but successful battle against an ooze from the
planet Barbicon, the people of the planet Limehouse hired the people
of Pygmalion to design them a prison inside the core of the Ariel
moon of the Planet Jupiter, in the hopes that this thing's plague of
destruction would yield indefinitely. A cosmic storm raged, tearing
at the wind and the whitecaps of every planet bordering the solar
system. Like a a rogue Iceberg, a lightning bolt struck it. As anyone
could've guessed, it was not designed for the electric strike since
such a thing was predicted to be unlikely. The menace was free, a
demon that could turn feared planets of great political influence
into pellets of its desire. It would not reach earth for another 20
years. During that time, a young girl was born. Her name is Amy Zahn.
She was a blonde girl of native American descent with purple eyes,
and size 15 feet. Even with all the academic bounty she was blessed
with, her classmates couldn't be
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Day 2 of Spring Break.

How are you guys holding up? cause I'm more able to participate in RPs, especially the one I've currently participated in. *hint, hint*
I believe I speak for all when I say "HAVE THEY GONE NUTS?!!

Russia Has Broken Missile Treaty, U. S. Official Says…
Anyone else experiencing cold wind in an even colder climate? 'cause I'm in Texas, U.S.A. and it is freezing like it's New Jersey in the winter season (current season).
Also Feedback will be helpful to my.. mental health.....
My apologies if I have been away for quite a long while and, well I can be very absent minded, I'm not sure whether it's something about personal feelings or my *coughs*giantess fetish*coughs* anyway I hope I get to report back to me commentaries that you sent I might take a little while to respond to said commentaries but I'll do what I can.… I guess if you haven't read the news this probably wouldn't be funny, or made sense at least. Reaction to Hilary Clinton losing:… My Mom's perspective on the battleground states:…


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Michael (Just Michael)
United States
My name is Michael and I'll be Your Autistic Comments(and Notes) conversationalist, music and video DJ, moderate Role Player, video gamer in my spare time, and DevianArt comedian for all of your comedic needs.

:) ;) :D


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