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×… I guess if you haven't read the news this probably wouldn't be funny, or made sense at least. Reaction to Hilary Clinton losing:… My Mom's perspective on the battleground states:…
Oh boy. Between financial backing of Republican and Liberal ideals of Democrats.… This nation is unstable enough as it is, if anyone better knows what he or she is doing then i highly recommend you follow that kind of intuition. Watch on youtube for Nbs update, God bless America…
Sorry if I've been absent lately but I was VERY busy with real world stuff. (i know easy for you but not for me because I have autism) so note that I WILL be doing my thing here in DeviantArt, but on a much slower basis.... probably.

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"Between Republican Donald Trump and Democratic Hilary Clinton." I'm sure you've heard and/or watched it, if you read the news. The Memes screaming for blood now. I can imagine a mob forming from that right now and let me tell you..... :o it is NOT pretty.
Helps get ready among other things to get for, like, NOW!…
I've got one question for you: When is your last day of summer wherever you are cause mine is today..... as a Senior. T_T Though it has its pros and cons, I'm not certainly look for a back to school day, but I guess that's the way things supposed to go i guess. :(
But it's been a week since my last entry.
I have certain tastes for music both classics and modern times.